KRAZ 255B truck


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KrAZ-255 - Soviet six-wheeled military truck with a capacity of 7.5 t developed by the KrAZ company in the second half of the 1960s. These trucks were used, among others in the Soviet and Polish Army.

KrAZ-255 is a development of the KrAZ-214 model. The vehicle is designed for transporting loads and people in any area

Technical data:

V8 14.86 l (14860 cm³) JaMZ-238
Maximum power: 240 hp at 2100 rpm
Maximum torque: 883 Nm at 1500 rpm

Top speed: 71 km / h (loaded)
Average fuel consumption: 42.0 l / 100 km

Manual transmission, 5-speed JaMZ-236H
Turning radius: 14.2 m
Wheels: 12.00-20 (320-508), 12.00R20 (320R508)
Load capacity: 7500 kg
Ground clearance: 360 mm